Current, Recent and Selected Research

Current Research

  • The role of data visualization in developing market strategy

Recent Research

  • Nicholas Imparato, Anthony Patino and Velitchka Kaltcheva, “Customers’ Relational Models as Determinants of Customer Engagement Value,”  World Business and Social Research Conference, Paris, France, April, 2014.
  • Lydie Pierre-Louis and Nicholas Imparato, “Restructuring Istanbul: Historical City, Modern “Profitpolis” and Byzantine Risk Managemtn Financial Infrastructure. Bahcesehir University Law Review, 8, 163-178, 2014.
  • Velitchka Kaltcheva, Anthony Patino, Michael V.  Laric, Dennis A. Pitta and  Nicholas Imparato. Customers’ Relational Models as Determinants of Customer Engagement Value, Journal of Product and Brand Management, 23, 1, 55-61, 2014.
  • Richard Waters and Nicholas Imparato, “Pursuing Sales and Relationships?  Comparing the Relationship Marketing Approaches of American and Turkish Wineries,” International Journal of Wine Business Research, Submitted, 2014.
  • Nicholas Imparato, Diana Trexler and Cihan Gursoy, “Motivations and Determinants of Chinese FDI in Turkey: Context and Two Cases,” China Goes Global Conference, Harvard University, October 1-4, 2011
  • Nicholas Imparato and Lucy Corkin, “Disaggregating China in Africa,” IACMR Symposium, Shangai, China, June, 2010.
  • Nicholas Imparato and Shalendra Sharma, “The World’s Poorest Nations and the Global Financial Crisis,” World Economics: The Journal of  Current Economic Analysis and Policy, 10, 4, 25-44 (2009)
  • Nicholas Imparato, “Artisanal Gold and Transformational Exchange: Toward a Public Private Partnership in Tanzania,” Journal of Cleaner Production, 18, 462-470 (2010) Download here.
  • Nicholas Imparato, “New Relationships among Brand, Governance and Leadership,” International Conference on Corporate Responsibility and Global Business, London Business School, July 13, 2006.

Selected Research

  • Nicholas Imparato, Joseph Costello and Lance Director Nagel, “Send Me Your Skilled, Your Trained, Your Electrical Engineering,” Hoover Digest, Hoover Institution Press, Stanford University, 2, 62-66 (1998).
  • Chris Wendt and Nicholas Imparato, “Pricing Models Amid Market Turbulence,” International Journal of Software Engineering, Wiley & Sons, London, V 9, Issue 5, 271-282 (1997).
  • Joseph Costello, Nicholas Imparato and Lance Director Nagle, “Ensuring Continued High-Tech Leadership with a Rational Immigration Policy,” Chapter in The Debate in the United States over Immigration, John Duignan and L.H.Gann (Editors), Hoover Institution Press, Stanford University (1997).
  • Nicholas Imparato, “Voice Processing, Geothink and the Marketing Challenge in Telecommunications,” Chapter in Advances in Telecommunications Management, V. 4, Ruby Roy Dohlakia, Editor, JAI Press, Greenwich, Connecticut (1994).
  • Nicholas Imparato, “Time Based Product Development,” Oslo Marketing Symposium, Oslo Business School, March 15, 1993.
  • Robert Solomon and Nicholas Imparato, “Corporate Roles, Personal Virtues:  An Aristotelian Approach to Business Ethics,” Chapter in  Contemporary Issues in the Business Environment, Dean Ludwig and Karen Paul (Editors), Edwin Mellen Press, New York, New York (1992). Presented to the International Association for Business and Society, Sundance, Utah, March 1991 (Best Paper selection).

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