Public Policy / Government


The span of activities with a public service or public sector commitment cuts across issues in human rights, economic development and security.  Illustrative assignments include negotiations with president Eduard Shevardnadze (Tbilisi, Georgia) and the Scottish Enterprise (Glasgow, Scotland),  invited participation at closed events as diverse as Congresswoman Jane Harman’s Congressional Forum on Technology and Terrorism (U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C.) and the 1998 Arab Banking Summit (London), co-leadership of the Bay Area Council’s Homeland Security Initiative (San Francisco, 2002-2004) and advisory work for the Permanent Representative of Tanzania to the United Nations (New York, Dar es Salaam).

Recent Academic Participation/Position Paper

Panelist, Working Group Member and Contributor, Position Statement, “China in the 21st Century: China’s Strategic Role in Crises of International Concern,” Project Chair: Larry Diamond, Department of Political Science, Stanford University (2009)

[Co-panelists and co-contributors, Darfur/ East Africa Panel: Jerry Fowler, President, Save Darfur Coalition; Henry Rowen, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University and Asia-Pacific Study Center, Stanford; Richard Williamson, U.S. Special Envoy to Sudan, 2008-2009; Osmer Ismail, Harvard University and ENOUGH, Advisor; Jason Qian, Fellow, Harvard Negotiation Project, Harvard University]

Speech Topics

  • The Evolution of Globalization
  • Turkey and the Challenge of Global Leadership
  • The Risk Revolution

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