Corporate Keynote and Seminar Topics

Speaking and seminar programs are either “packaged” or customized for individual circumstances.  Here are examples of what has been done, with audiences around the world, from software engineers in Japan to hotel workers in Argentina to truck drivers in California and bank managers in Paris.

  • Globalization and the Race for Innovation

This “big think” keynote describes how globalization developed, its likely trends and the demands on business strategy. By integrating across disciplines and historical events–in geopolitics, culture, technology and economics – it paints a rich context for understanding the world we live in.  Future scenarios provoke another look at opportunities and risks, as well as individual careers and leadership styles.

  • Hunting for Revenue

Revenue enhancement is the game. Assumptions about the business environment hold the key to unlocking opportunities. The top ten list of how-to recommendations include  “Look a customer ahead” and “Build the airplane while you fly it.”

  • A Company All Lit Up

A company “all lit up” outperforms by adapting the best of what we know about transformational leadership and managing organizational change. Most of all, “pride of association” energizes the organization with higher degrees of forward thinking, teamwork and competence building than anything competitors would dream about.

  • Jumping the Curve

Every firm faces the same reality: regardless of how sound its strategy:  over time new technologies emerge, fashions fade and market conditions alter. The result is that a company periodically has to change its business model or theory of the business. Imperatives – for innovation, intelligence, coherence and responsibility – materialize from tested recommendations.